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How I Used 'JUGAAD' and Rs1400 To Start My Entrepreneurial Journey | Damini Mahajan | Josh Talks

2018-08-14 12,570 404 351,856 YouTube

We Indians are all fond of 'Jugaad' but have you ever heard of using it for starting a company. This is one such story of friends who kick-started their entrepreneurial journey with just Rs. 1400. Damini Mahajan, co-founder of WeMakeScholars.com, shares her journey in this Josh Talk. She tells us how they thought of the idea and wanted to invite Shashi Tharoor for kick-starting their business venture. However, things didn't go as planned and they had to use 'Jugaad' for every little thing. Damini is a visionary entrepreneur, best known for co-founding WeMakeScholars.com, a worldwide scholarship search engine. It has been used by more than 700,000 students from 214 countries to find opportunities from 17,000+ global scholarships and internships listed on the platform. The portal was inaugurated by Dr. Shashi Tharoor on 29th April, 2015 and within 6 months, it crossed 3 million hits worldwide. Helen Clark, Ex- Prime Minister of New Zealand and current United Nations Development Program Administrator, endorsed WeMakeScholars, mentioning the need of such a scholarship portal. More recently, Damini has been awarded as the winner of Silicon Valley Challenge by Action for India 2016 and had also been in Top 40 in Power of ideas by Economic Times at IIM Ahmedabad. Josh Talks passionately believes that a well-told story has the power to reshape attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. We are on a mission to find and showcase the best motivational stories from across India through documented videos and live events held all over the country. What started as a simple conference is now a fast-growing media platform that covers the most innovative rags to riches success stories with speakers from every conceivable background, including entrepreneurship, women’s rights, public policy, sports, entertainment and social initiatives. With 7 regional languages in our ambit, our stories and speakers echo one desire: to inspire action. Our goal is to unlock the potential of passionate young Indians from rural and urban areas by inspiring them to overcome the setbacks they face in their career and helping them discover their true calling in life. ►Josh Talks Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JoshTalksLive ►Josh Talks Instagram: https://www.twitter.com/JoshTalksLive ►JoshTalks Twitter: https://www.instagram.com/JoshTalksLive ►Josh Talks आ रहा है आपके शहर: https://events.joshtalks.com Entrepreneur Motivation, Startup Stories, How to earn money, Startup stories India, We Make scholars, scholarships, business, entrepreneurship, Jugaad, Shashi Tharoor, how to study abroad, Abroad universities, how to start a business, business ideas, success