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Sound By Artists

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Book excerpts and selections from the work of contributors to Sound by Artists (facsimile edition), Charivari Press and Blackwood Gallery, 2013, edited by Dan Lander and Micah Lexier, 9781895166286, Paperbound, 370 pages www.charivaripress.com www.blackwoodgallery.ca John Cage • Suzanne Delehanty • Bill Viola Marysia Lewandowska • Max Neuhaus • Christina Kubisch Max Bruinsma • Richard Kostelanetz • Bruce Barber Maurizio Nannucci • Gordon Monahan • Daina Augaitis Kevin Concannan • Ian Murray • Alvin Lucier Gregory Whitehead • Mystery Laboratory • R. Murray Schafer Annea Lockwood • Hildegard Westerkamp Rod Summers • Ihor Holubizky • Jack Goldstein Rita McKeough • Moniek Darge & Godfried-Willem Raes Douglas Kahn • Donal McGraith • Graf Haufen Stelarc • Christian Marclay ...a handsome and highly readable collection of essays, apologia, manifestos, and interviews about sound art. There are historical overviews, surveys of recent work, discussions of copyright (a big issue in the age of digital sampling) and even some recipes for reproducing works of sound art. —Robert Everett-Green, The Globe & Mail ...the diversity is enormous, both in the documentation of sound art and the number of issues discussed, but it's the inclusion of provocative essays by the likes of Douglas Kahn (an intelligent critique of music being a hindrance to the development of a wider sound art) that really stands out. —EST Magazine ...this is a valuable collection of articles driven, as Dan Lander says in his preface, 'by the noticeable lack of information and critical analysis regarding an art of sound' despite the 'abundance of activity centred around explorations into sonic expression', and is a useful discussion document for re-visioning what be a more healthy and innovative future for audio art. —Variant Magazine #13 The editors of Sound By Artists have achieved a high standard of reportage and consistency. As an introduction to audio art as it relates to the history of visual art, their book is engaging and most informative. —Tony McAuley, Site.