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Development: Super Smash Lander Suicide Party, Bro? Ludum Dare #22

2011-12-22 4 0 Vimeo

A single play-through of " Super Smash Lander Suicide Party, Bro?". This was my 48hr entry into Ludum Dare #22 (Though this version has had an extra day's polishing up). It's a one-button control game separated into 5 parts. It's about hurtling from the sky towards earth, while partying, jettisoning crewmembers and blowing up (yourself and everything else). The objective is to pull off a perfect High-Five. The latest version can be downloaded here: http://www.blackshipsfillthesky.com/SuperSmashLanderSuicidePartyBro/Super_Smash_Lander_Suicide_Party,_Bro(Question_Mark).zip