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Kinfolk Story: Honey Harvest

2011-12-06 2,548 0 Vimeo

Our video for the story, "Honey Harvest," featured in Issue 2 of Kinfolk Magazine (www.kinfolkmag.com), a quarterly publication based in Portland, OR. We are a growing community of artists, writers, designers, photographers, cooks and others who are interested in creating small gatherings and finding new things to cook, make, and do. Unfortunately, Issue 2 is currently out of stock. Other issues and subscription options are available here: http://shop.kinfolkmag.com — The film is produced by Matt and Julie Walker of Tiger in a Jar (http://www.tigerinajar.com), a film production company based in Salt Lake City, UT. The music is copyright-protected by Helios, the moniker of musician Keith Kenniff (http://www.unseen-music.com) based in Portland, OR. The song is titled "Fourteen Drawings".